Duluth, MN

duluth-mn-1Welcome to Duluth, a city built into a steep, rocky cliff that is almost mountainous for the Midwest! Set on the edge of the great Lake Superior and originally settled by the Sioux (Dakota) and Chippewa (Ojibwa), Duluth is a picturesque port city that attracts over 3.5 million tourists per year. With the largest freshwater lake in the world at its feet, Duluth is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream! There are a variety of opportunities to explore in this four-season city. Hiking, fishing, ice-fishing, biking, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, down-hill skiing, dog sledding, climbing, ice-climbing, kayaking, water sports and much more could keep the adventures going all year around! For details on events listed by season and month, check out www.visitduluth.com. Whether you desire a lovely drive up the North Shore to see some waterfalls, decide to explore the local culture, shopping or simply want to snuggle up to a warm fireplace, Duluth has plenty of options. For more things to do in Duluth, click here for 105 more ideas!

duluth-mn-2As part of the Iron Range, Duluth has a rich and interesting history. For a listing of historical sites in Duluth, check out www.downtownduluth.com/history. For fascinating locations to visit and more information, the Duluth historical society and museum is the place to visit www.duluthhistorical.org/historyofduluth. If you are interested in the history of the many shipwrecks in Lake Superior, check out www.northshorevisitor.com/shipwrecks. Want to scuba dive in the big lake? Call www.superiordivers.com.

duluth-mn-3Duluth also has unique lodging opportunities ranging from hotels, motels, lodges, cabins, bed & breakfast inns, campgrounds, views of the lake nestled in the northwoods, 100 year-old mansions and even downtown lodging facilities connected via skywalks. One of the pleasures of traveling is the discovery of new culinary experiences. Minnesota happens to be the home of the famous “hotdish.” Foodies shouldn’t fear though. Duluth offers a wide variety of food styles and tastes, which range from casual lunches by the shore to five-star fare. More than 50 restaurants are within walking distance of downtown and satisfy cravings from Vietnamese to Mexican. For more on restaurants, entertainment and a calendar of events, take a look at the Duluth/Superior magazine at www.duluthsuperiormagazine.com/calendar.

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