Extended Range: Jefferson Lines Now Serving the Iron Range



For Immediate Release
May 8, 2013

Contact: Kevin Pursey, Director of Marketing

Minneapolis – Jefferson Lines Bus Company today announced new regional passenger bus service for Minnesota’s Iron Range, with trips beginning May 15. The new daily service starts in Grand Rapids with stops in Hibbing, Virginia, the Duluth Airport, University of Minnesota-Duluth and Jefferson Lines’ Duluth terminal. These new stops connect the Iron Range to Jefferson Lines’ extensive network of bus schedules and transit centers, connecting locations as distant as Missoula, MT, to Wichita Falls, TX, to Milwaukee, WI, with thousands of travelers’ favorite destinations in between. Cities and towns not directly serviced by Jefferson Lines can typically be reached by connecting with partner carriers, putting the entire country within range for passengers on the Iron Range.

“Duluth has long been a great location for us, an area with lots of activity, and we’re extremely pleased to extend our range into the Iron Range,” said Kevin Pursey, Jefferson Lines Director of Marketing and Culture.

The new bus routes open up a new option for Iron Range area travelers, who have not had bus service in many years. “We’ve heard from our customers in that area, and they asked us for this expansion,” said Pursey. “These locations should provide better options and more flexibility for our passengers.”

Jefferson Lines is a family-owned bus company founded in 1919 that is currently being run by the third generation to actively manage the business. The company is a member of the American Bus Association, United Motorcoach Association, National Tour Association and many other local visitor associations and chambers of commerce.

Bus schedule and fare information is available at jeffersonlines.com or call toll free 800-451-5333.

24 comments on “Extended Range: Jefferson Lines Now Serving the Iron Range
  1. antoin outlar says:

    Do your bus line stop in Brainerd ,Mn

    • jefferson2 says:

      We sure do! Our stop is at Mickey’s Pizza and Subs. We have two schedules to and from Fargo, one schedule to and from Minneapolis, and another one to and from Duluth. Visit our website at http://www.jeffersonlines.com for details on times and frequencies.

  2. Shawn Hill says:

    Maybe add one for Ely Minnesota!

    • jefferson2 says:

      We’ll forward your suggestion to our scheduling and marketing teams to see if we might be able to add Ely in the future. Thanks for visiting the blog!

  3. Bonnie G says:

    That’s great news! Keep reminding us because we have been without it for us long here in the west Range.

  4. Jefferson Bus Lines will provide access to hundreds of locations throughout the nation. We are proud to have Jefferson Bus Lines serving Minnesota’s nature, welcome to Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

    • Connie Moen says:

      Where can I take the Jefferson Bus in Grand Rapids, MN. And, if I buy tickets in advance by calling Jefferson Lines directly, will those tickets be there for me at the Grand Rapids pick up point? Thank you.

  5. Rachel heinzen says:

    I have been riding with Jefferson for 2 years now, commuting for work and visiting with family. Riding the bus is economical and a great, relaxing way to travel. I’ve met a lot of really nice people along the way and have high praise for their drivers. I recommend Jefferson 100%.

  6. Swadian H says:

    It is great to see that bus service is returning to Hibbing. It’s been a long time!

  7. cyril says:

    that’s great! i hope it last for a while.I always hear “why dont jefferson lines go further into the range”.So i hope that Jefferson Lines can get it out there to the public that they service the range now because thats a critical route.So thank you!!!

  8. vernette leslie says:

    Where is the transfer from Virginia, MN to Detroit Lakes,MN?

    Is there no bus service on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Virginia, MN to Detroit Lakes, MN?

    • jefferson2 says:

      The Virginia to Duluth schedule operates daily, but unfortunately, the Duluth to Detroit Lakes schedule does not operate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That is why there is no service on those days.

  9. Peter Joseph says:

    Does your bus stop at Wadena, MN. I know it stops at Brainerd ,Mn. I am in Embarrass, MN. I wish to travel to Wadena, MN.
    What days and at what times does your bus schedule?

    • jefferson2 says:

      Peter, sorry we did not notice your comment until now. Yes. We do stop in Wadena at TJ’s Detail Center, 217 Ash Ave. NW, off of Hiway 10W.

  10. caroline johnson says:

    This is just wonderful..does the bus go daily from Mpls/Blaine to Virginia, Minnesota..
    what is the roundtrip cost..having a difficult time figuring things out on the internet..
    THANKS for our help..

    • Jefferson Lines says:

      Sorry it took so long to respond Caroline.

      Yes, there is a route that leaves Minneapolis at 6:45 a.m. every day and arrives in Virginia at 12:50 p.m.. I believe this route does not show up online because of the one-hour layover in Duluth. You can purchase this ticket at the Minneapolis Greyhound station when you travel North.


  11. Anthony B. says:

    Can you add Port Washington, WI even if only a drop off location to your Milwaukee to Green Bay route. The greyhound used to stop here when they used to serve the I-43 area. Thanks.

  12. Elle W. says:

    Thanks SO much for the Jefferson Bus Lines Iron Range transportation! We are so grateful to have the bus connection to Duluth and the Twin Cities. It’s convenient from Virginia, MN to Duluth. I’ve been referring people, too. Buses are clean, on-time (usually, weather permitting)and a GREAT asset to our Area. Please continue forever!

  13. Mildred Kostich says:

    Does your bus go to Moorhead or Fargo If so when?

    • jefferson2 says:

      Hello Mildred, yes we do go to Moorhead and Fargo! Where would you be leaving from? Are you in the Iron Range area? If yes, you would have to ride the bus to Duluth then you can catch another bus to Moorhead/Fargo.

  14. mr p rudling says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am visiting friends in Grand Rapids, can you please tell me
    if there is a bus service to Grand Rapids from Duluth
    The dates would be Duluth to Grand Rapids Sep.25th
    and Grand Rapids to Duluth Oct.1st.

    Yours Sincerely

    Mr P Rudling

    • Jefferson Lines Team says:

      Hi Mr Rudling,

      So sorry for the delayed response. Have you been able to get an answer to your question? We do offer daily service from Duluth to Grand Rapids and back. The bus leaves early morning from Duluth at 11:15am and arrives in Grand Rapids at 2:00pm. On the return, the bus leaves every day from Grand Rapids at 7:30am and arrives in Duluth at 10:15am. You can find locations and more schedule details on our website at http://www.jeffersonlines.com or by calling our Schedule and Fare Info Line at 800-451-5333. Good luck on your trip!

  15. Jonnelle says:

    I was wondering if you guys had a bus that connects Minneapolis with Grand Rapids and if so, where I could find the schedule for that, or the schedule for the bus line that could get me closest.

    • Jefferson Lines Team says:

      Hi Jonelle,

      Yes, we do go from Minneapolis to Grand Rapids. The bus leaves every morning from Minneapolis at 6:35am and arrives in Duluth at 10:20am. The bus then leaves Duluth at 11:15am and arrives in Grand Rapids at 2:00pm. On the return, the bus leaves every day from Grand Rapids at 7:30am and arrives in Duluth at 10:15am. The bus then leave Duluth at 11:00am and arrives in Minneapolis at 2:30pm. You can find the schedule details on our website at http://www.jeffersonlines.com.

      Thank you!

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