Fargo, ND

fargo-ndWelcome to Fargo! Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota and sits on the Red River, one of the few rivers in the world that actually flows north. Fargo is really a “twin city” with Moorhead, Minnesota. Fargo-Moorhead consists of these two cities in two states that combine for a population of over 200,000. Most people do not realize that the Fargo-Moorhead area is the largest shopping destination between Minneapolis, Minnesota and Spokane, Washington! This area is also full of rich farmland, as nearly 1,000 years ago it was under the deep waters of Lake Agassiz. The Red River Valley – as it is referred to today — remains one of the most fertile regions in the world. While agriculture is still vital to the local economy, Fargo-Moorhead has also become an important center for other professions, including government, education, health care, retail, manufacturing and more. For more on the city’s founding dating back to 1871, check out www.cityoffargo.com.

fargo-nd-2Fargo-Moorhead is home to the Red River Zoo, which specializes in rare and endangered species www.redriverzoo.org; the Fargo Air Museum which features one-of-a-kind aircraft www.fargoairmuseum.org; and the Plains Art Museum (www.plainsart.org), an accredited art museum. The live music and theatre scene is alive and well in Fargo! Whether you enjoy dance, theater or music, Fargo-Moorhead is rich with cultural arts. The F-M Convention and Visitors Bureau www.fargomoorhead.org provide a special calendar of events, and a quick check will inform you of all the special musical, dramatic, cultural or sporting events scheduled for the area. The area park districts maintain more than 3,000 acres of parkland and recreational facilities. Fargo-Moorhead takes pride in its cultural park, Trollwood, as well as its all-year indoor skating and hockey arenas. Fargo-Moorhead is also home to the RedHawks Northern League baseball team and the USHL’s Fargo Force.

fargo-nd-3While visiting Fargo, you will notice that the locals are friendly and the community provides all the comforts of a large suburban area. West Acres Mall serves as an entrée into many streets of popular shopping venues, also with many restaurants and coffee shops. Whether looking for family activities, meeting friends or venturing out on your own, the Fargo-Moorhead area won’t disappoint. Love the nightlife? For dining and bar specials, entertainment and more, try www.fargonightout.com. The hub, www.thehubfargo.com, features seven unique destinations within one sprawling complex. Whatever your mood, Fargo has something for everyone.

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